INSHI design

At INSHI design we pay attention to environmental problems and create products that are made with thoughtfulness to nature.

By reusing plastic and wax leftovers we bring unique handmade products to your home interior.

Nelia Rozina is an object designer and home interior decorator who gives a second life to materials.

“I create home decoration from materials I collect from the Ribersborg beach (plastic, disposable tableware, shells, rocks, seaweed and dry grass).In Återbruket Mobilia, people can bring their wax and exchange it to things( kid toys, shells, books) which we pick on the beach. All candle forms are naturally shaped and made by me.”

This year we created a new branch called INSHI-garden and it’s dedicated to Malmö city. It is present boxes with flower seeds inside, which were picked in the outskirts of the city.”


INSHI design

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